T is for The Little WOnderland

Theresia's journey was started when she wanted to create a bespoke dessert table for her little one’s first birthday party. That time, very few vendors do dessert table styling and design, and none of their portfolio was up to her liking. Finally, she decided to put her baking skill, which previously was just as a hobby, and her design skill to a test. The party was a success and she received positive encouragements from the guests. After a while, she gained a confidence to start a designer dessert table styling to fill in the gap in the market, thus the journey to The Little Wonderland began.

The journey improves her baking skill to another level after consistently challenged to came up with a special dessert item which would be suitable to the theme party, apart from the standard package. The standard is not just a “standard” quality cake, her chocolate cupcake, brownies and tiramisu are the most loved and praised items by her clients, some were comparing them to the ones sold outside. For her, the food quality is number one. A dessert table’s items shouldn’t be just nice on eyes, Facebook or Instagram, but must be nice in mouth as well, because it’s a “dessert” after all.

With her background in design, previously working with local and international design agencies, it’s not an issue for her to create wonderful design for each theme. As she always has a knack to fine details, it helps her to create a unique styling to each party by giving an importance to even a small object or detail. This uniqueness separates her extraordinary dessert table to the others. In order to provide the consistency in quality, she only accepts limited parties so she can give her full attention to each party.

In just a year since its inception, The Little Wonderland’s works has been constantly featured in renowned party reviewers in US and Brazil. We also have been featured on The Straits Times newspaper. All thanks to all the supports given by her clients, which gave her freedom to work in discretion and deciding which styling would best fit the theme.

It’s been a wonderful journey for her so far, and she keeps on looking for new themes and challenges to work on. Nothing more rewarding than seeing her clients’ happy faces when they saw their wonderful dessert table. It keeps her going on creating more little wonderlands to everyone’s parties, and of course yours too!